Horrible net

How netting shouldn’t be done

Pestend were called to make good this netting because pigeons were getting under the broken, rotting frame. The entire construction and execution of this surprised us; having a chicken wire mesh, the weight of the ‘net’ was excessive and it also blocked light to the well below. The first job was complete removal, some cleaning of the infrastructure and then the construction of an entirely new net system. Because of the location (the well is three floors deep with no access from ground level), fitting a stainless steep wire rope and then suspending a net from that – the usual approach – simply couldn’t happen so we used a ‘framed net’.  That presented issues too: drilling holes in a flat roof could create problems with waterproofing so we used weights to secure the finished frame in place.


The end result is, we think, neater, effective and easier to maintain. The knot-less and rot-proof nylon netting is far less obtrusive and lets more light into the flats (a number of windows face into the ‘well’) and light levels in those rooms has improved significantly, making the flats below this net nicer places to be than before.
The pigeons’ verdict hasn’t been recorded but they’ll have to find somewhere else to roost now!