An influx of ladybirds

It’s that time of year when we start getting lots of calls about ladybirds. Why, we’re asked, do I suddenly have so many ladybirds in my home?
The answer is simply that the season is changing and they’re looking for somewhere to hibernate. While most of the native species of ladybirds will hibernate in the wild, the Harlequin – a very invasive species that’s only fairly recently been seen in the UK – seems to prefer the indoors and they can often be found huddled together in quite large groups.

Is there a problem associated with these ladybirds?

Ladybirds can bite humans if they’re unable to find a more suitable source of food but this is generally nothing more than a minor irritation – although a bad reaction is possible for some people. The other issue with Harlequins is more a decorative problem: if they’re disturbed, they can secrete a yellow liquid that stains badly.