Poor building construction – again

Disconnected sewer

Another client with rats in the loft and no sign of entry at ground level. The home had been extended some time ago with evidence that the builder cut some corners because ‘brown’ waste (the kitchen sink and dish washer in this case) is going into a rainwater gully – that’s a Buildings Regulations issue. There are other indications this is a drain-related issue so it’s time we did a CCTV survey.
Sure enough, when we get to the bottom of the soil vent pipe, we find the above. The bright spot at the far end of the pipe is the light coming in at the top of the vent pipe – but we can’t explain the rubble seen in the foreground: this pipe carries waste from the bathroom and it should be a continuous, unbroken tube. This gap is allowing foul waste to leach into the soil under the home, causing all kinds of problems in the long run. It’s also offering rats a clear run from the main sewer right into the underfloor cavity of this poor persons’s home. From there, it’s an easy climb up the cavity wall and into the loft.
Solution: groundwork to dig down to the fault and make good. This will be contracted to a third-party because this junction is now under a garage floor!