Call numbers rise as Christmas nears

Damage from mice chewing on mats

It’s quite common for us to get calls that start along the lines “I’m hearing noises in the loft” but, in the run-up to Christmas, this often becomes “Something’s been at the Christmas decorations”.
Unnoticed for the rest of the year, mice are quite partial to things like pine cones and berries that are often used in wreaths and other Christmas items; they contain seeds or other edible material and this will keep a small family of mice going for quite a while. The first a home owner might know they have a problem is when they go into the loft to get the decorations down – and our call rate goes up as a result.

They’re equally comfortable chewing on rubber mats – as in the image here – but electrical wiring is another favourite. Whatever it is, having mice in the loft isn’t something people generally want to live with.