Following a rat-run

A rat run seen in a garden

Can you see it? Rats will often follow the same pathway from burrow to food source (in this case, from a nest in the ground behind the bushes to a set of wheelie bins on the path, just out of shot). By following these pathways, pest controllers can make a better judgement about the extent of the problem and work their way back from the food source to the nest.

The pathway will look ‘used’ – on loose soil like this, the pathway will have a smoother surface than the surrounding soil and is usually clear of debris as the rats will brush leaves and so on aside as they scurry from nest to food and back again.

A rat run seen in a garden, highlighted

This time, we’ve emphasised the pathway. Compare this with the previous image and the pathway should be far more obvious! This is the kind of thing we’re looking for when we search through undergrowth; tell-tail signs that rats are active in the area.