Stopping pigeons getting under solar panels

Pigeon-proofing applied to solar panels

With more and more locations to pick from, we’re seeing an increase in the number of calls: “We have pigeons under the solar panels. Help!” Aside from the noise nesting pigeons make, there’s the constant rainfall of nest materials, mis-placed eggs and bird poop to deal with. Not nice.
The solution is easy – apply a ‘skirt’ around the edge of the array so birds can’t nest under the panel. The job itself is surprisingly satisfying to look back on once it’s finished but access, ensuring safety of the roof team and using the right kind of attachment and product are not trivial issues and need experience and careful thought.

On this particular array we were working from ladders and secured the ‘high level’ worker with ropes. However, the design of the panels meant we had to use pre-formed strips that were bonded to the panel sides with an adhesive. In many cases, we can attach to the underside of each panel frame with a clip – these are far less messy to work with – but in either case, the end result looks professional, will last for a very long time and puts an end to pigeons nesting under the panels.