Getting rid of rats in the garden

The damage a rat can do to a plastic drain cover

Called-out this week because a rat was seen looking in through a downstairs window of a block of apartments – it had climbed up a bush in the garden and was, very obviously, a serious worry to the tenant.

The cause of this intruder was found to be the drain grate in the communal bin store at the side of the property; rats have chewed their way through the plastic grating and were able to come up out of the sewer. Of course, a refuse area will hold all kinds of temptations for a rat so we need to – literally – keep a lid on this!

The solution is to replace the cover with something a little more substantial (using plastic materials in and around sewers really doesn’t seem so wise to us) but while the property manager sources a suitable replacement, we’ve added a metal mesh to the underside of the damaged one to allow water to flow but stop the rat in its tracks. We’ve also put down rodent control boxes to help make sure any rats that remain in and around the bins are dealt with.