Dodging the rain to proof

Looking up at solar panels

We might have lost the glorious days of summer but the cooler days have has some advantages: in the middle of a heatwave, solar panels get so hot they become very difficult to work on. Baked in full sun, the surface temperature gets to the point it can cause burns and with the heat radiating off a tiled roof, the job of preventing pigeons from nesting under solar panels becomes extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

As summer gives way to Autumn, it also becomes more obvious why pigeons choose solar panels as nesting sites: the environment under an array is dry, comfortably warm and away from predators. However, the mess pigeons make is intolerable – to say nothing of the noise.

On this particular set of panels, we had the luxury of a dormer extension to help us get to parts of the array with (relative) ease and safety – and were closely watched by several pairs of pigeons who – had they been able to talk – would have complained bitterly about our work, no doubt!