A loose roof tile lets in more than rain

A loose rooftile that is allowing squirrels to get into the loft

Another call-out recently and evidence of squirrels in the loft: lots of loud noises (typical of squirrels); generally active just after dawn and before dusk (also common with squirrels) and, no surprise, evidence of squirrel poo in the attic (dead give-away in our opinion!).

On closer inspection, there was a dray – a squirrel’s nest – being constructed in the eves above one of the bedrooms and we thought, at first, there would be a hole in the usual place: just below the lowest row of tiles.

However when we stepped back and had a look at the roof from the garden, it was clear there was something amiss further up in the middle of the tiled area so we put a ladder up for a closer look. What we found was not so much a hole a squirrel had made but a tile that had slipped or broken somehow, allowing a squirrel to wriggle in through the resulting gap.

This is a bit beyond our reach and rather out of a pest controllers remit so we’ll hand the job over to a qualified roofer. In the meantime, we’ll work our magic to make sure that there’s no squirrels left behind in the loft when the hole is repaired. They’re terrible like that: even with someone in the loft, they’ll often hide in a dark corner waiting for you to leave rather than make a quick exit outside so they quite often get trapped in when the hole/s are repaired.

All in all, a good day. Problem identified, cause found, fix in progress and remedial work in hand!