Shocking! The damage squirrels can do to cables

Mains cable chewed by squirrels

Squirrels are destructive little pests – and here’s the proof. After finding a way into a loft space and balling-up the insulation to make a nest site, they often chew on cables. If this is boredom or simply a way to keep their teeth in good order is unknown but the damage is significant and can be extremely dangerous: the mains cable in the picture above is the lighting ring and, thankfully, the red wire – the live one – is still protected. However, it’s easy to see just how frightening this is and how much worse it could be.

Squirrels usually get into a loft by chewing a hole into the soffit under the lowest row of tiles or by exploiting an existing gap in the woodwork. In either case, the hole needs to be addressed because once one squirrel has found out how to get in, another one will generally follow the scent and, well, nature takes its course after that. Before long, there’s a family nesting in the loft.