Squirrels at it again!

Insulation damage to cable caused by squirrels

Another day, another damaged mains cable. Not quite as bad (yet) as the one we saw the other week – but dangerous, none the less.
Again, the squirrel found its way in by chewing away some of the wood under the lowest row of tiles, directly above the gutter. It’s an easy way in: the squirrel can happily sit in the gutter, gnawing away at the woodwork in relative comfort! Obviously, we can’t stop squirrels being outside (and nor do we want to, they’re very cute when seen from a distance!) – but trimming back nearby tree branches so they can’t so easily jump onto roof tiles is a sensible move. A good 5 meters horizontal distance between home and nearest branch is a wise idea: it’s surprising just how far a squirrel can jump!