Another solar panel array gets the Pestend treatment

A job got held over because of the weather and we ended up doing this one on a weekend.

This was a fairly large domestic array of sixteen panels over two rows. A slight complication was that a conservatory below meant no easy access with a ladder to reach the bottom edge. While scaffolding was the obvious answer, this would be hugely expensive because the neighbouring property had a conservatory too: the metalwork would have to span a huge distance. After careful analysis, we opted for using rope access.

Looking down the array from the apex

A pigeons-eye view can be slightly un-nerving! Mind you, for someone who’s not concerned about working at height, the views often make it worth the climb! Looking along the array, we can see the job ahead:

While working along the ridge, safety ropes are secured to solid ground anchors and then attached at the worker’s back to keep the equipment out of their way. The lightweight rope seen tied to the ladder hook in the picture above isn’t for operator safety: to reduce the workload on the roof-worker, the proofing mesh is cut and shaped on the ground then, when it’s ready to be fitted, passed up via a haul-line like this one.

All told, a six hour job but it’s rewarding to look up at the finished work and know what difference it’ll make.

Looking up from gutter level towards the the apex. Job done!