Squirrels take advantage of loose tiles but Pestend to the rescue.

A gap between two corner roof tiles that has allowed a squirrel to get into the loft

Another day, another issue with squirrels. While it’s getting late in the year for them to want to nest in lofts (as the weather warms up, lofts start to become uncomfortably hot places), this roof was obviously far too tempting for them to pass up!

The hole was – as they so often are – under the bottom row of tiles. In this particular case, two tiles form the right angle corner and each one had been cut to fit neatly against its opposite number. However, the installer didn’t secure the pieces very well and the one on the right has slipped: it’s rotated down and away, leaving a nice hole that a squirrel has taken advantage of. While this was still reasonably rain-safe (the tile above forms an umbrella over most of the gap), a bit of gnawing on the plastic fascia below had opened up enough space for our friends to use it as for egress. The result? A pair of squirrels had nested and done…well…done what squirrels generally do when they have a nest and a mate!

The first job is to fix the hole. Pestend aren’t roofers but we know how to make a semi-permanent repair that’ll keep squirrels at bay. The homeowner has arranged to get a skilled roofer who can cut new tiles, push back the existing good set and install – correctly this time – the replacements. The other important part of our job is to immediately take steps to remove any squirrels that might have been ‘at home’ while the hole is repaired. Never a pleasant task but one that absolutely has to be done – and something that most definitely needs a pest controller’s skill-set.