Hello, rat!

A rat just visible through a hole in the sidewall of a damaged drain chamber

Off to undertake a site survey for a property manager recently because rats had been reported scurrying around near the bins in the carpark. Upon visiting, the carpark is walled in on three sides – but has a strip of gravel between it and the building – and set into the gravel are some inspection chamber lids covering the sewer. Seems like the only place a rat could have come from so we take a closer look. Lo and behold, one of the chambers has a hole in the side, just at ground level. There’s evidence that something’s been squeezing through the hole so we take a quick picture to show the site manager (they’ll need it for the client report) and set about dealing with the problem. It’s only later when we’re looking through the images do we notice the nose poking out:

Closer image of a rat in a drain

And there it is! Proof positive that rats do live in drains – and, in this case, certainly can exit pretty small holes.

Needless to say, the drain has been repaired: a quick mix of concrete and the hole is ‘proofed’ or made good. That’s put a stop to that little problem and the residents can put their rubbish out without fear of finding a rat hiding in the bins!