Hornets aren’t always the bad guys

A hornet nest being built in the apex of a client's garden building

While dealing with a couple of wasp nests that were causing trouble (both attached to the home and near windows), we got called over to see what the home owner had just found in one of their outbuildings. This is an active hornet nest. It’s about 30cm across and, while were were there, was fairly busy with workers bringing food and new nest material.

Hornets generally don’t bother people anything like as much as wasps. While wasps will hover around people and their food later in the season, hornets tend to stick to their usual hunting grounds and only accidentally fly into homes – most often at or after dusk when we leave lights on that attract them (unlike wasps, they will fly at night). This nest isn’t near the house, there’s no neighbours close enough to worry about and it’s not in the way of anyone using the outbuilding (it’s mostly a wood store and there’s little call for that in summer!) so it’ll be left alone to carry on developing.

Lovely thing to see; unlike most nests, this one is open at the bottom so we can see the insides and marvel at the intricate structure of the nest cells.