That’s quite a nest!

A wasp nest with a hand brush for scale. The central white spot is the beam of a rather bright torch shining on the nest

We were called by a homeowner in Wokingham during the summer months to deal with a wasp problem – and, boy, was it a problem: when we popped open the loft hatch, we were immediately attacked by a very significant number of very irate wasps! The nest looked to be fairly large – so it would have a significant number of occupants – but the process of dealing with them is well established and, aside from being under constant attack, the job got done without incident.

Come January and the homeowner arranged for us to remove the now-dead nest and at this point, we got a closer look at it…and, boy, was it a good one!

A wasp nest found in a loft. We treated it in Summer and the homeowner decided they wanted it removed some time later
An impressive wasp nest

The hand brush gives a reasonable idea of the size of this: we estimated it to be around 2 foot wide – and working our way around to face it from the side showed it to be almost spherical. This, we think, had enough space for some 8,000 wasps: more than enough to cause a serious problem!

Taking it out of the loft was rather harder than usual: it wouldn’t fit into a waste sack in one piece and had to be cut in half and stacked – even then, it was a struggle getting it out through the loft hatch.

Impressive to see – and to think that one of these is built, from scratch, between late Spring and Summer. Industrial little things, these wasps!