An easy solar panel proofing job

A small job to proof a pair of solar panels on a garage roof

Solar panels don’t have to be installed on high rooftops: this pair were fitted to a garage roof and were almost within touching distance from the ground. While they form part of a much larger set, these – and an array on the opposite roof (out of shot) – didn’t get pigeon proofing applied to them when they were installed because the fitter didn’t think pigeons would roost under panels this low down.

Unfortunately, the birds had other ideas and decided that these were just perfect places to roost. Given one part of the array was directly outside the back door, this lead to the inevitable: running the risk of getting pooped-on every time the homeowner went outside!

However, fitting a mesh to the perimeter wasn’t difficult. Our preferred solution is a galvanized metal mesh, held in place with an all-metal clip: this doesn’t degrade in sunlight, loosen or go brittle. We think it’ll outlast the panels themselves in most installations.

Another tidy job by the Pestend proofing team. Thanks lads!