Who thought that was a good idea?

A sewer pipe junction held together with tape

It may be high-strength tape and fairly water resistant – but who on earth thought it would be sensible to use this kind of thing to hold a sewer pipe together! There’s a hole in the wall where a 100mm pipe was once connected-in (they forgot to block that up, too) and someone has made a bit of a mess when it came to replacing the junction with a new section! This is as good as an open door to a rat – and leaving the hole in the wall gives them a good way for them to find their way up into the home.

Enter the pest controller: we see evidence of rats in the loft and immediately start to look for ways for a rodent to get there. Spotting this was reason enough to grab a step ladder and have a closer look. Getting it fixed shouldn’t present too much of a problem and it’ll be another rat issue solved once and for all.