Pestend, the business

Our mission

Our ethos is simple: provide a professional and discreet service to solve issues with pests in domestic and business settings.

Services we offer

Pest removal

This is what most associate with a pest professional but, aside from one-off items like a bee swarm or a wasps’ nest, solving a problem for the long term usually requires more work than simply removing a rat or two. Pestend will always try to find the cause of a problem and work with you to isolate it, thus prevention often becomes the critical piece of work.


Often referred to as proofing, this is the work undertaken to block off points of access to prevent another incursion. By way of examples: capping off an unused branch in a sewer, preventing rats from gaining access to the footprint of the building; filling entry holes under roof tiles where birds have nested or squirrels have used as entry points; replacing damaged air bricks to exclude mice from a cavity.


Pestend also offer consulting services. We devised a method of preventing Canada Geese from getting into offices at a business park where the remit required no destruction of the animals, a long term solution (ideally without requiring on-going costs) and a quick fix; we have visited commercial kitchens to advise on placement of pest management and monitoring tools.


Our founder, David, started Pestend in 2013 after many years working for or managing businesses owned by others.

Legal Status

Pestend is the trading name of Dave Evans. We carry public liability insurance to a maximum of £5,000,000 (five million Pounds) and product liability insurance to a maximum of £500,000 (five hundred thousand Pounds). We are also insured against a number of other eventualities; please speak to us for specific details or ask for a copy of our insurance policy documents.


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