Business users

Risk management


Unlike consumers, businesses need to minimise the risk of pests gaining entry to their premises. In commercial kitchens and other sensitive areas, a record of regular inspections appropriate to the environment should be maintained. In most cases, best practice is achieved by having a contracted arrangement with a third party pest control specialist.

Block maintenance

Block maintenance and REIT’s require services that are professional, fast and efficient – Pestend are happy to offer a service level agreement that meets specification and is fit for purpose.

Occasional requirements

Business premises can suffer a wasp’s nest or some other infestation of pest just as much as a family home and Pestend are happy to perform ‘one-off’ visits to address a specific problem. We’re able to work outside office hours – within reason – in order to cause the least possible disturbance to your business and customers.

Landlords and their agents call us for one-off fumigation after pet owning tenants have rented a property. Estate agents use Pestend to clear a property prior to sale and, on occasion, to verify a property is acceptable to market.

Supply and fit

In addition to pest removal, Pestend can supply and install a range of screening and pest control products such as electronic fly killers and insect or rodent monitoring systems. While some are fit-and-forget, the majority of products need some maintenance or routine inspection to ensure they’re working optimally and Pestend can organise this for you, too.

Policies and insurance

Pestend maintain and review an environmental policy, along with a health and safety policy. Our public liability and professional liability insurance documents are also available on request. Pestend is also registered with the Environment Agency as a carrier of waste.