Mice in the attic or a garage can be a serious threat as they tend to gnaw on plastic pipes or cables. It is fairly common to find mice in a domestic kitchen but, no matter were they are, Pestend have techniques to help get rid of them quickly and quietly.

Threats to humans

Mice can carry some fairly serious diseases such as Salmonella and Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), making them very unwelcome guests. Add in the damage to property and, for commercial catering or food producers, the ‘theft’ and contamination of stock and you have a pest of the first order.

Mice damage to mains wiring

The picture here shows the kind of damage that mice can do: these cables were right in front of the loft hatch; a very serious hazard indeed as anyone coming in to contact with the bare copper could suffer an electric shock. Had the mouse chewed slightly further they could have exposed the blue or return wire. In that situation the mouse becomes the conductor and is electrocuted – possibly starting a fire in the process.

Dealing with mice

A thorough examination of the property is essential in order to try to find the point of ingress. If possible, this needs to be blocked in order to stop the problem repeating. Following that, any mice remaining inside the property can be removed as quickly as possible.