MolehillsMoles leave unsightly¬†spoil-heaps (the mole hill) as they dig tunnels just below the surface. Garden moles make a mess of otherwise pristine lawns while on golf courses or other areas used for ball games they can render the surface entirely unusable. The tunnels themselves cause the surface of the ground to subside, further damaging grassed areas. Clearly it’s time to call in a mole catcher to rid your garden of moles.

The Solution

The most consistently reliable method of removing a mole is to call in an expert: experience and an understanding of mole behaviour are our primary tools, aside from a spade and mole run ‘dibber’. We will trace the run (the tunnels) and then get rid of the moles very quickly.

Pestend have a good track record catching moles and can help with yours, too. Give us a call!