Other birds

The definition of a ‘pest’ in the bird world is very closely managed and very few species are actually considered a problem. Feral Pigeons are, by far, the most regular of the bird species Pestend are asked to deal with but we can also offer help with other birds that fall into the category. Calls for these are fairly uncommon but when we are required to help it’s usually because the problem has got way out of hand.

Canada Geese

A habitual lake-side creature, the Canada Goose is the largest in the bird world that can be classed as a ‘pest’. While they remain on the water, they’re not likely to be an issue but they feed on the surrounding grassland. We have had to deal with Canada Geese that had started walking into an office building that had lakeside frontage – and their droppings on the tiled floor made their presence a real hazard. Pestend devised a permanent solution that kept the birds away from the building side of the lake and yet allowed everything to live in peace. A perfect outcome!


Crows and Magpies are the two main ones, both presenting a risk in particular settings. In some settings, netting or scaring can be the most effective and cost-efficient measure but each case has to be reviewed on merit and a custom solution then engineered to meet the client requirements.