Other pests


There are a number of beetles that could cause problems in homes or commercial premises and we’ll be able to advise on the best solution to deal with them. Once they have been identified we will know they’re likely to be feeding or breeding on and can move forward with a practical solution for removal.

Stored Product Pests

There’s a range of insects that eat stored foods; from flour mites to rice and grain weevils. Treatment usually involves a fog or mist being blown into the space – usually a warehouse environment – but this doesn’t offer a long term barrier and are either repeated at intervals or combined with other management techniques. While stored product pests are more usually found in industrial premises, they can sometimes be found in homes (the flour beetle being fairly common).


Earwigs, caterpillars, woodlice, spiders: there’s a list of other insects that are often classed as pests but, generally, don’t cause a nuisance or carry disease. Some get a particularly bad press at certain times of the year – False Widow Spiders are a typical example – and they present far less of a risk than the media might like you to believe! However, we’re only a phone call away if you want some reassurance or advice.


No, of course we’re not seriously suggesting we can come and remove your children – we just added this for a bit of fun! However, children do need to be kept at a safe distance, especially when we’re dealing with the more aggressive kinds of pests (wasps, for example). We’re happy to allow them to watch from a safe distance and will always try to make time to answer any questions they have.