Homeowners & tenants

Working for you – discreetly

When you call on a pest controller, you want to know you’re getting someone who you’ll be comfortable letting into your home and who can talk to you sensibly, clearly and confidently about the issue and how we can help solve it. We understand that there is often a social stigma around some pests and we respect your privacy.

Our values

As a small business, we really value forming and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers; after all, you might not tell everyone what a good service you had from us (although we hope you will mention it!) but you’re sure to tell everyone if we let you down in some way.


Until a problem has been understood – at least to some level – it’s often impossible to quote a fixed price to deal with a pest problem; we simply don’t know what will be required to effect a cure!
We have a call-out charge for people who just want advice but it’s fairly uncommon to examine an issue and then do nothing about it as most people want help to resolve their issues.


We accept cards (preferred), cash and cheques. Bank transfer by arrangement.